This project initially involved dealing with clients based in Singapore. The house was to accommodate two adults and a teenager into the next decade whilst allowing guests to visit and have their own space. After contemplating a simple yet challenging brief the last requirement was to provide a swimming pool somewhere! This seemed like an impossible task on a small infill site with an abundance of heritage constraints. What resulted was 500sqm of building spread over a basement plus two levels and a rear self contained two storey studio facing a separate street.

The clients desire for a mainly modern light and open house formed a harmonious juxtaposition between the existing Victorian fabric and the contemporary additions. The interface between old and new was dramatised through transparency and light with sky glazing, glass flooring and a 6m high wall of plants and flowing water.

The 60 tonne first floor pool which was suspended and supported by an expressed steel cradle at either end incorporated glass flooring to allow north sun to penetrate deep into the building.