Having explored at a series of warehouse spaces for these clients to convert in Fitzroy they eventually settled for a 10x 25m block of land with a 70’s house. This house was demolished to make way for a 250sqm new two storey residence that covered most of the site and had garaging from the front and rear. Northern light was allowed into the core of the building via a large central courtyard and void. Internally this provided visual and spacial relief in the centre of the site and this was an extrememly important factor in the design. From a streetscape perspective the surrounding buildings were predominantly 2-storey Victorian houses built hard on the street boundary. The approach was taken to bring the facade in line with it’s surrounds yet introduce a number of natural tactile materials. Zinc, copper, rusted steel, timber and concrete were all employed in a textured, rich material pallette which will form a subdued patina and continue to nest into it’s environs over time.