This unusually large parcel of land in St. Kilda contained a detached Heritage graded weatherboard Victorian residence.

The brief to NMA was to create an extension that would transform the house into a home for a young family of four. The client specifically wanted to emulate his Grandmothers 1960’s Brighton home which he had grown up loving with it’s simple lines and early modern flavour.

Heritage restraints meant the two storey extension had to be set well back from the street facade. Huge expanses of double glazing meant the dwelling and landscape flowed seamlessly. The most challenging issue with this project was that it was surrounded by 2 storey blocks of flats. This lead to a design solution where the two wings of the extention flanked a central private courtyard and restricted views from surrounding buildings. Tall landscaping around the perimeter of the rear yard achieved a similar outcome.


Architectural Detail


Kitchen & Dining