Dr. Peter Jurcevic & Mandy Coupe – Anglesea beachouse

Terrific design, and appropriately to the brief, extremely time efficient (rare in the architectual world!), reliable and concientious, particulalry in listening to and responding accordingly to the client, great project management skills….. it is fair to say after 4 renovations, our first with Nic, this was by far and away the best, both experience and outcome wise. A strong recommendation!


Dr. Amber Moore – Hawthorn residence

Nick is simply a shining light in architecture. After a disastrous DIY renovation (15 months without a kitchen and 4 children – I could write a review of family friendly restaurants and instructions on how to cook a roast from canned foods in a microwave) we took the decision to engage an architect and embark on a formal renovation. After searching around we came across Nick, who was recommended by a friend. It was the best decision we made. We initially planned on significantly renovating our existing house. Nick came up with an innovative, imaginative and functional design for our inner city terrace. However, due to significant heritage obstacles at Council and growing children with changing needs, we looked at a new abode. Nick kept an eye out on the property market for us and at his suggestion we bought a bigger, solidly built house on a large block in an Art Deco style.

After having been very involved in the selection of finishes for our DIY reno, we took a leap of faith and gave Nick carte blanche to design the house and choose the finishes (with a budget!). The result is spectacular and every day I mentally thank Nick for the beautiful result that can only be produced by a talented architect like Nick. Of course the design is only part of the process and Nick has proved himself to be professional, thoughtful, responsive and calm (he is also a good referee between a husband and wife who disagree over some decisions). My main desire was that the house be functional for a busy family with 4 children. I was enormously impressed by his attention to detail and willingness to design the house around our need for practicality and child-friendliness, yet maintain a ‘grown up’ aesthetic. That overlooked room – the laundry – is a masterstroke of function and beauty (thank you Nick!).

I knew that he was the architect for us when, at an early meeting, I asked if the process involved designing different solutions and presenting them to us to choose from. With confidence Nick said – “No. There is only one correct design – the best one for the space” I knew that he would use his professional skill to give us the best solution – both practical and beautiful. He has not let us down. He made the whole process a pleasure and we are thrilled with the result. His design is contemporary yet timeless, beautiful yet practical and he is a pleasure to work with.

I am proud to say that I have a “Nicholas Murray” home.


Stephen Cougle, Albert Park residence

In my experience Nick Murray is an accomplished and professional architect. I enjoyed working with him and his team at NMA. Nick was highly informative and knowledgeable throughout the engagement – design; project management of the builder; and the completion process. He has great design skills and ideas, knows some impressive overseas materials suppliers, and seeks out a host of special furniture/fittings shops in Melbourne that give the final house a spectacular finish. Nick works collaboratively with the builder, and if issues arise his knowledge appears to be at least equal to that of the builder, providing the best outcome for his client. I have no hesitation in recommending Nick Murray for future projects.


Michael & Caterina Panettieri (client & builder Built In Style) – Princess Hill residence

Nicholas Murray is an architect with a difference: he designs houses that people love to live in!! As a builder, we all too often see designs produced by architects who fail to recognize the livability of their final product. Nicholas Murray designs with his client’s needs at the foremost of his mind and is most willing to collaborate with a builder in order to achieve this. That said, no two of his designs are the same: each a unique interpretation of his client’s brief, injecting a special ‘wow factor’ into even the simplest of projects. A project designed and overseen by Nicholas Murray, is one that will always exceed his client’s expectations and his calm nature puts even the most concerned client at ease. We trust Nicholas so much, that we chose him to design our family home – a design that some 12 years on still stands out from the rest and belies its age!! We could not recommend Nicholas Murray more highly as both a consummate professional and pleasure to
deal with!


Peter & Judy Lawrence – Bridport Street residence

Nicholas Murray’s professionalism, his great insight and delivery of our thoughts and concepts to completion resulted in a home that in all respects we are justifiably proud of. Nicholas and his team were always most helpful and accepting of our requirements. Nicholas’ close and always timely work with our builder ensured that we had a house that was built on time and within budget. We have always told friends that we had a lot of fun building … and that was very much to do with Nicholas making it that way. We wouldn’t hesitate to have more fun again with Nicholas Murray Architects!